Quick Poll–Next Products?

Hi there, in this quick poll I’d like to simply ask this:
What sort of product do you or your colleagues need next?

First I’d like to thank those of you who responded to my quick poll about whether a Mac version of the MYN video course was needed. The results? Only 18 people said a Mac version was needed. So that pretty much eliminates that idea.

And so I want to keep asking, what do you or your colleagues need next?

The last new product we made, the Outlook Inbox Ninja video course, captured a ton of our latest thinking. So are there variants of that which you think are needed? Or a whole other area of course work? Perhaps smaller, quicker training? Different price points? Different platforms? Note, all of our products are at our store link, so maybe glance at that as you consider what is needed next.

Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate it. We are planning our next push forward to help people like you get even better control of work and communications, and want to make sure we hit a target that really helps people—lots of people. So write anything that comes to your mind, either in a reply to this email or in the comment section of the blog posting.

Thanks again,

Regards, Michael Linenberger

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10 Responses to Quick Poll–Next Products?

  1. Leonard Wasserman says:

    using 1MTD with Toodledo competitors such a Remember the Milk Appigo Todo Cloud, Todoist, MS Todo

  2. Kylie Dennis says:

    Many Outlook users are self-employed and we depend on it entirely for project management. It doesn’t make sense to move to a more sophisticated program if we have no team. I’d like an expanded focus on project management. An example would be some way to integrate next action tasks with the Fresh approach – when marked complete, the next action pops into view.

    It would be great to hear more about using MYN in micro-business.

  3. Kevin W Grierson says:

    I wonder if you have given any thought to a modified version of your MYN program for professionals who have many projects that they can’t afford to allow to simply disappear into the past. Too many times I have gotten swamped by recent emails (dutifully converted to tasks) only to discover that important tasks are pushed down the list until it is, at a minimum, embarrassingly late for a response.

  4. Jon says:

    MYN in One Note. May solve some of the other commenters responses on project management as well.

  5. I am sad that only 18 people (of which I was one) agreed with a Mac version of MYN. Perhaps an outreach to a more Mac-centered audience would help?

  6. William Alexander says:

    Hi Michael,
    Read the 3rd edition of TWC and it totally changed the way I look at Outlook (for Windows) Inbox management. Would love to see you broaden your scope and do an in-depth treatment of the Tasks, Contacts, and Calendar modules in Outlook, and how I can set up and use each of them to further the goals expressed in the TWC series.
    Also, I’d love to take the Inbox Ninja full course, but am in a job search right now and cannot afford the $200 or so fee associated with it. How about some “out of the box” pricing options, like price by module, or a tiered monthly subscription program, that would give me access to a defined number of Ninja videos say 2,5,or 10 a month) for an applicable subscription fee, automatically drawn from a debit or credit card?

    Keep up the great work on our behalf… and keep writing – we’re out here listening and reading!

  7. Gary says:

    I agree with Kylie, Kevin, Jon and William. A One-Minute Project Management ebook or the option to buy individual units of the One-Minute Project Management video course would be great for those of us in regional local government/non-profits who (even at the annual sale price) can’t justify the relatively modest expense of the complete video course to the boss. Also, perhaps spare a thought every so often for those of us with tiny IT budgets still making do with Windows 7 and Outlook 2010. My 4th edition copy of Total Workday Control is much loved and well thumbed – or at least it would be if it was a traditional book rather than the ebook version!

  8. It appears MS To-Do is getting a big push from Microsoft this year. Soon it will replace Tasks in Outlook Online. And I bet the Mac app launch is imminent. Even good old Skype has a right click Create a Task which adds a task to To-Do.
    Perhaps some more focus on MS To-Do would be a good idea?
    Thank you.

  9. Thomas Emerson Murray says:

    Ever since my workplace converted to ASANA for project management, my MYN system has broken down, with tasks in multiple areas. Seems Asana is ready-made for a template-driven MYN solution.

  10. Stephanie Oberg says:

    My workplace is a longtime user of Asana. We need to make it work for us, and i and many Asana forum users are frustrated by its lack of full featured searching, queries, sorting, archiving etc. Would be thrilled to see Michael have a crack at making MYN work in the context of Asana.

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