Toodledo MYN Video Updates, and New Lower Video Course Prices

Sep 18, 2016

Updated Video Set

We finally finished the updates to the Full MYN Toodledo Video Training class. Those videos are now updated to incorporate the new web version of Toodledo that came out a while ago. These updates are free to anyone who ever bought the class. If you are a paid user, you can log in here (use the username and password you used the last time you accessed the course):

New Price Reduction for New Buyers

And for new buyers, we’ve lowered the price of that course to $249, starting immediately. It was previously $299. To read more about this product or to purchase it, go to this link:

Why Toodledo?

As you may know, Toodledo is the task management software I recommend for people who cannot use Windows Outlook to manage tasks. It works with Macs, Android—any platform really. And it works with all email systems. It’s robust, very powerful, and has built-in quick configurations for my MYN methodology. It also works well with my simpler One Minute To-Do List methodology. And the Toodledo software is free.


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5 Responses to Toodledo MYN Video Updates, and New Lower Video Course Prices

  1. Bartosz says:

    You should do a course on using Omnifocus.
    Yeah, its pricey, but it can run MYN like nothing else. I am loving it.

    • Michael Linenberger says:

      Yeah, we hear nothing but good things about Omnifocus. And we’ve heard it works well with MYN. But to conserve resources we have to pick only two task products to do complete video courses on. Windows Outlook has to be one obviously since it’s used in 80- 90% of all businesses. The second has to be a universal platform product to cover all other platforms. Since Toodledo works on all platforms and handles MYN better than any other universal platform product. it’s the second choice. Since Omnifocus is mostly only a Mac/iOS product, it can’t be our second, universal, product. And sadly, we just don’t have the bandwidth for a third product for a complete video series. Thanks again for pointing out how good Omnifocus is, I am sure you are right!

  2. N. Matthies says:

    One important concern for corporate users with Toodledo is data security. For most companies, at least in Europe, it wouldn’t be acceptable to have work-related information stored on the servers of another company (Toodledo) without any sort of NDA and liability agreement. In many situations, it will violate data privacy laws and data protection agreements with other business partners.

    • Michael Linenberger says:

      Yes, as I stated at the end of the newsletter that goes with this post: … many corporate users may want to keep tasks on their internal Exchange servers. But also keep in mind that the Toodledo servers are hosted on Amazon secure servers, which are pretty safe. And I suspect the Toodledo folks would be happy to make agreements similar to those that companies make with the many many other hosting environments that corporations use these days to host Exchange—fewer and fewer companies are hosting Exchange in house. Thanks for the post and the heads up! Michael

  3. LydiaLoftis says:

    Glad to know about the price reduction policy for new users. Thankful to you for considering the new users and giving consideration for them. Toodledo is going to make history in the world of technology.

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