Video: Controlling Search Return Counts in Windows Outlook

July 3, 2018

Have you ever noticed that when you type into the search box in Outlook, it seems like Outlook returns only a small set of mail—even when you know there is a lot more mail meeting the search? Notice how you therefore sometimes can’t find the specific e-mail you are looking for?

This is something newer versions of Outlook and Exchange Server do to speed up search results (and to take a load off the server). But what if you want to see more—or all—of your search results to find the mail you want? Can you do that?

It Depends

Well, it depends on Outlook settings you make and which Exchange Server you are using.

In this new video I show you how to adjust those settings in Windows Outlook. I also show how the newest versions of Exchange Server will, unfortunately, still prevent you from seeing all search returns.

Free Video

By the way, this new video is a complementary addition to the Outlook Inbox Ninja course. So just go to this Ninja Course link below and scroll down to Video 3.7—it will be playable whether you own the Ninja course or not.

Go here and scroll down to Video 3.7


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