Winter Discount on MYN Corporate Webinars

Jan 16, 2018

From now through March 20, 2018, if you schedule one of our live corporate MYN webinars you’ll receive a substantial discount. Normally $3500 for four 1-hour sessions, the webinar for your entire team is priced at $1995 for that period. If 25 of your staff attended, that would be only $80 each. Act now to reserve your dates as open slots are limited.

In these popular hands-on webinars presented by Michael Linenberger, your staff will learn the MYN Outlook system for task management and e-mail control. Webinar graduates regularly report large gains in productivity and greatly-increased inbox control.

What’s in the Course

The webinar is a mixture of live presentation and hands-on coached exercises. Participants will be running their copy of Outlook on their laptops, and be instructed on MYN principles using their own e-mail and tasks as examples. They can ask questions via webinar text. This is the same material Michael teaches in his on-site corporate MYN seminars.

The webinar will be custom-scheduled per your needs. Normally it is presented as four one-hour sessions spread over four consecutive days. But it can instead be scheduled as one 4-hour session (good for conference rooms with the webinar projected) or two 2-hour sessions. We recommend up to 25 people attend, but can handle more if needed.

The webinars are for participants using Windows Desktop Outlook 2013 or 2016. To save time and enable more focus on MYN principles, we ask that all participants have installed the Outlook add in called MYN Views (we will provide a free license for all participants) or have their Outlook To-Do Bar pre-configured per Chapter 3 in the MYN Outlook book (Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook) prior to the start of the webinar. A PDF copy of that book will be provided for you to distribute to all participants.

Don’t miss this special pricing. Please email or call our offices to schedule the event and reserve your dates. E-mail us at or call 505-395-4541.


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