Microsoft to End Office 2010 Support in 10 Months

I am amazed how many of my clients still use Outlook 2010. Well, it’s time to start planning for an upgrade, because Microsoft support for that Outlook version, and for all Office 2010 products, will end in 10 months. See more information at this link:

What does that mean? Bug fixes, call-in support, and most importantly security upgrades will end on October 13, 2020. It will be risky to linger on that version any longer. And really, isn’t ten years long enough?

What to do?

Well, I did this reluctantly some time ago, but it’s time to sign up for an Office 365 subscription and simply have the latest versions delivered to you at all times. These days, that’s what I recommend. That’s because it’s the only way to get the best features in Outlook.

You could of course buy a boxed set of Office 2019, but that’s not my recommendation. The feature set in Outlook for Office 365 has already moved well beyond the features included in Outlook 2019, and you might as well have the latest going forward.

So sign up for one of the Office 365 subscription plans, and enjoy the latest features in Outlook. I don’t make any finders fee for leading you to this. I simply feel the latest versions of Outlook and Office really are the best for most people.

Consider Exchange Server

And by the way, if you are an individual who has never activated an Exchange account, it is probably time to do that. The features built into Exchange are difficult to pass up, and these days using hosted Exchange is pretty simple to do for an individual.

So click the Business tab on the page that the link above leads you to, and choose one of the plans that includes Exchange under the Services section.

Again, I don’t make any money recommending these products, I simply think you will be glad you upgraded to them.

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One Response to Microsoft to End Office 2010 Support in 10 Months

  1. La Moderatrice says:

    I cannot recommend this for safety reasons. Your data is monitored and stored elsewhere. You are never sure who has access to it. Some data are sensitive, for example information about who are your business contacts, private numbers of family and friends, medical appointments, your task and so on.

    Outlook 2010 was on my computer and so at all times I was sure who has access.

    I will use Outlook (and the wonderful Business Contact Manager) as long as possible. I think it will work much longer than Microsoft wants us to think.

    After that I recommend the use of open software where no one can put backdoors in.

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