How to Choose Among the Three “Linenberger” Systems

Here is a useful guide: I’ve got three main productivity systems. But how are they different?

Well first, here they are in the order the were created:

  • MYN (Master Your Now)— an advanced task or to-do list management system.
  • 1MTD (The One Minute To-Do List) —a starter task or to-do list management system that works with MYN.
  • Outlook Inbox Ninja—an Outlook email Inbox management system that can be combined with the two above.

Are Any of these Systems for You?

If you are new to my newsletters, you may not fully understand what these are and how they are different. You may wonder which, if any of them, you should use. I’d like to answer that here.

First of all, my target audience for all three systems is this: the overworked, overwhelmed, or over-extended office worker or manager. If that sounds like you, then one of these will work for you. In these systems, I am helping people who have too many tasks and/or too many communications, including an overloaded email Inbox.

But Which of the Three Should You Use?

I tell most people to start with 1MTD (The One Minute To-Do List).

It’s a simple to-do list system that you can learn and implement very quickly. If you have fewer than 100 open to-dos, then 1MTD will work for you. It uses an intuitive “urgency zone” approach to prioritize your tasks and to help you focus. It’s a good way to start on any of the three systems and you can grow from there.

To learn 1MTD you have several choices:

  1. If you like to read, my One Minute To-Do List book will get you going in just a few minutes. Get a free PDF download here or buy a paper or Kindle copy at a bookstore.
  2. Or use my 1MTD Outlook Video Course to guide you through how to implement 1MTD using the desktop Windows Outlook tasks system. Quick and powerful course.
  3. My 1MTD To-Do Video Course shows the same using Microsoft’s new and simple To Do App. With this you are using Microsoft’s latest technology.
  4. Or you can combine the second item above (1MTD Outlook videos) with Inbox Ninja (more on that below)

Next, MYN (Master Your Now)

MYN is a more advanced to-do or tasks system that starts with the 1MTD urgency zones and then adds many more tools, including the ability to schedule task’s visibility. With MYN you can manage an unlimited number of to-dos.

To learn MYN you have several choices:

  1. If you like to read, my book: Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook teaches you MYN in a very through manner.
  2. My MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training takes you step by step through the Windows Outlook solutions with very clear video presentations.
  3. If you don’t use Windows Outlook, my Full-MYN Toodledo Video Training teaches MYN in the powerful to-do app called Toodledo that you can use on any device.
  4. Or you can combine the second item above (MYN Outlook videos) with Inbox Ninja (more on that below)

Next, Outlook Inbox Ninja

Outlook Inbox Ninja is an advanced email management system that teaches you how to near-empty your Outlook Inbox each day using powerful tools and techniques in Windows desktop Outlook. If you feel overwhelmed by an overloaded inbox, then by using this system you’ll get full control of your Inbox each day and not drop any actions in that mail.

To learn Inbox Ninja you have several packages all described at this link:

  1. The basic Outlook Inbox Ninja Video Course, with no combined task system. It contains videos showing tons of tools to control your mail.
  2. The Outlook Inbox Ninja Video Course combined with Outlook 1MTD videos; the two complement each other quite well and you can save some money getting them together.
  3. The Outlook Inbox Ninja Video Course combined with the Outlook MYN videos. I call this Super Ninja and it is really is the ultimate combination. The two are logically coordinated and you save some money getting them together.

Again, see all three of these described at this link.


So that’s how to select which of my three systems to get, and how you can learn them. Get started today!

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