Recent Microsoft Outlook Online Software Change: A Much Better To-Do Tasks Pane

If you use Outlook Online in a web browser, and your Exchange server is hosted at Microsoft, then you might see that an important change has been made in the last few weeks:  the optional To-Do Tasks Pane has been greatly improved.

First of all, not all Outlook Online users have access to that To-Do Tasks pane. But if you do, here are the changes made in the last few weeks:

  • That pane can now be swapped for a Calendar view.
  • You can now edit nearly all the task detail settings right in that pane. You no longer must launch a separate browser tab to edit most task details.
  • There is a new more generalized icon to open that pane.

All this is demonstrated in a new update I just made to Lesson 6 of my Microsoft To-Do video course at: Paid users go take a look (advance to the 5:30 minute point).

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