TaskAngel To-Do List Software for Toodledo Users

Dec 30, 2017

As you know I recommend using Toodledo as your tasks server if you can’t use Outlook with Exchange or Outlook.com to manage your tasks. Toodledo is powerful software, and it lets you take your tasks mobile while fully supporting my 1MTD and MYN task systems. What you might not know, however, is that there are lots of choices on what mobile apps to use with your Toodledo tasks, with a long list made by third parties. One of those third-party apps that I recommend you consider is TaskAngel.

One reason for my recommending you look at TaskAngel is this: if you travel a lot and often cannot connect to the Internet when traveling, TaskAngel gives you a way to work with your Toodledo tasks offline on your Windows laptop. This is how used it. I downloaded TaskAngel’s Windows client and found it to be excellent, with lots of features. Then, on several long plane trips, I used it to sort through and clean up my tasks while offline. I liked the full-screen editing it gave me, compared with trying to use my smartphone. I was able to clean my tasks a lot faster because of that. When I landed, my tasks all synced back into the Toodledo servers.

Also, take a look at the TaskAngel smartphone apps. They have some features not found on the apps provided by the Toodledo folks. Those apps also work well with 1MTD and MYN. Here is an article about that.


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