Use Quick Steps for Speedy Categorizing and Filing of E-mail

Feb 17, 2015 (Updated Sep 2, 2019)

As you may know, I recommend filing mail into one folder (usually the Processed Mail folder), and then using Outlook Categories to tag mail there with topics, if needed. Here are some  ways that can speed that up in any copy of Windows Outlook with a version of 2010 or newer.

First, you may know that you can create an Outlook Quick Step that files to the Processed Mail folder. The Proc button in the figure below does that.

But going beyond that, if there is a particular Outlook Category you use a lot when filing your e-mail, consider creating a Quick Step that both applies the category and moves the e-mail to the Processed Mail folder in one click. For example, the Quick Step above called Amex-File assigns the category Amex to the e-mail and files it all in one click.

How to do  all this is shown in Lesson #24 at this link:

It’s also shown in Lesson 1.8 at this link:


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