Best iPhone and Android Mail App for MYN and 1MTD

Dec 4, 2014

As you know, I have two primary recommendations in MYN and 1MTD for keeping e-mail under control:

  1. Convert action emails into tasks.
  2. Empty your inbox into a single folder (for speed) and use Categories in Outlook (or labels in Gmail) to group your mail by topic when needed.

There’s now an app that can do both of these on the iPhone or Android: and it’s called TouchDown, and it’s only for users with an Exchange Server (e.g. for those in a corporate environment or for individuals using Office 365 with Exchange).

I’ve been recommending TouchDown for years on Android but up to now I thought its iPhone version was too immature—but now it’s e-mail module is ready to recommend. It also comes with good Calendar and Contacts modules that sync with Exchange.

These are very unique apps. There are no other e-mail apps on iPhone or Android that can assign or view Outlook categories on smartphone mail—even Microsoft’s apps can’t do this. And very few apps can convert e-mails to tasks. So these apps are very good for MYN and 1MTD users. Continue reading

TouchDown iPhone App for Tasks

Dec 4, 2014

I’ve been recommending the Android version of the TouchDown app for years as a way to bring MYN tasks to your Android smartphone or tablet (see this post).

But what about the iPhone version of TouchDown, do I recommend its Tasks module for MYN or 1MTD?

Well, sort of. It doesn’t sort tasks quite right for MYN, but it might work for you. Here are my thoughts on the most recent version of it.

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Another $100 Windows 8 Tablet

Nov 21, 2014

Another $100 Windows 8 tablet has been released for sale: the HP Stream 7.

I haven’t tested it, but below is a link to a good review of it, which states the 7-inch screen is actually quite nice (compared to the other $100 Windows 7-inch tablet that came from Toshiba):

As you may know, I like the Windows tablet navigation design better than any other tablet OS. And using a Windows tablet gives you a way to take a full version of desktop Outlook mobile so you can use all the MYN features of Outlook.

Of course, I am a bit skeptical of using desktop Outlook on such a tiny screen. Personally, I am waiting for Microsoft to release a touch-friendly version of Outlook (which is apparently now delayed until a Windows 10 release). But if you are willing to use a stylus (you’d have to buy  non-active one because this tablet does not come with an active screen digitizer), you should be able to operate the menus on desktop Outlook even on this small screen

Let me know in comments if you get one of these, and how you like it.



The Relief of an Empty Inbox

Oct. 16, 2014

Many of you may have a goal to keep your inbox nearly empty, but have not succeeded at doing that. The main reason I like to keep my inbox empty is that it feels good.

Once my inbox gets larger than say 40 messages, I feel like I am losing track of what’s hanging out there undone or unattended to. Each time I empty my inbox, I feel a wave of relief that I am ahead of the game. If I am sitting at my desktop computer all day, I’ll often empty my inbox several times a day. It only takes minutes and it’s nice to feel ahead of things all day long.

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$119 Seven-Inch Windows 8.1 Tablet

Sep 16, 2014

You know I am a fan of Windows tablets, so this caught my eye: an up-to-date Windows 8.1 tablet, new, for a standard price  of $119. This is getting into inexpensive Android tablet price territory.

It’s light on RAM (1-gig) and storage, (16-gig) but it has an SD slot so storage can be increased. No pen, and resolution is low, but it does use an up-to-date Atom Bay Trail processor, so performance should be pretty good.

Productivity Tablet? Continue reading

Windows Phone App “2Day” Updated for Start Date Syncing

Sep 16, 2014

The Windows Phone app called 2Day was recently updated to include start date syncing with Exchange. That was the missing feature to make it work with MYN, so it’s good to hear it’s now in there. I have been meaning to test this out but have not had a chance to do that, so report back in comments below if it works for you or not.

And this new feature means the software now works with MYN on both Toodledo servers and Exchange servers, which is convenient.

I first wrote about 2Day back in August (for use with Toodledo) here:

Something I did not mention, 2Day is also available on Windows device (desktop and tablet) as well



Next-Year’s Windows Tablets

Sept 13, 2014

During the last 12 months I’ve recommended two Intel processors for Windows machines, each for a different class of device:

  • Haswell for laptops (any size) and mid-weight (1.7 to 2 lb) tablet/hybrids (like Surface 3).
  • Bay Trail Atom for light-weight (1.3 lbs or less) tablets like the ASUS T100 or Lenovo Thinkpad 10.

The Haswell chip is very powerful–it has full computing capability but at the cost of a higher weight machine. The Bay Trail Atom is “good enough” for most light processing and excellent for tablet use–a good trade off for very light weight and long battery life.

Well, it was inevitable that Intel would march ahead with new processors, and so Intel is releasing a new processor that may merge these 2 functions. It’s called the Core M. Read about it here:

Note that even though some laptop makers have already announced machines with the Core-M, I’d say it’ll be 6 months or more before we see enough variety of models to make shopping easy.

I do hope they release some very light weight (1.2 lb) Windows tablets with it because as I switch between my very speedy Haswell laptop and my Bay Trail tablet, I am getting irritated with the lag in simple things like loading web pages on the Bay Trail–enough so that I am starting to reach for the laptop just to browse the web–which is sad.

Keep an eye on Core-M machines for a Spring purchase.