Outlook 2016 and MYN/1MTD Support

October 7, 2015 [Updated Oct 11, 2015]

A few MYN and 1MTD users have started to update to Outlook 2016 so I thought I’d better chime in on our support for this new version of Outlook.

Windows Outlook 2016

I’ve been using Windows Outlook 2016 for about a 6 weeks now and like it, but it’s not a major upgrade. Outlook 2016 for Windows does have a few new interesting features. My favorites are the potential of its Groups feature, and the new ability to attach documents as links into OneDrive. One new feature I don’t like is the Clutter folder. It promises to filter out e-mail clutter automatically, but I don’t trust auto-filtering and prefer to set up my own Outlook rules to filter mail.

There are a lot more beneath-the-surface changes, but really Outlook 2016 is mostly just like Outlook 2013, and when using the Windows Outlook 2016 desktop application for MYN or 1MTD, just use all of our Outlook 2013 instructions for it. The Tasks module is essentially identical to Outlook 2013, so all Outlook 2013 MYN and 1MTD instructions apply—just follow our writings and videos on that.

Windows users, note that you need Exchange 2010 or newer for Outlook 2016, so check that before upgrading Outlook.

Mac Users, Caution on Upgrade!

The Mac version of Outlook 2016 has a few improvements compared to Outlook 2011 for Mac. However, in some installs it is broken in a few critical ways that mean it will not work for MYN or 1MTD. So if you are using Outlook 2011 and are considering upgrading to Outlook 2016 for Mac to use it with MYN or 1MTD task management, we recommend you upgrade with caution, leaving a way to roll back to the previous version (2011) should problems arise.

What’s wrong with the Mac Outlook 2016 version?

  • On most installs the Scripts menu is missing so you cannot convert emails into tasks. More on this here and here. [update: some users apparently are able to see the Scripts menu, see discussion in comments below]
  • And a reader named John posted the following: “Just upgraded to Office 2016 for Mac and the smart folders for tasks are not working properly. Specifically, when adding a new smart folder, setting the “Within Last” date field will not include tasks created and dated on the current date. This means you will only see tasks with a start date of yesterday and prior – those entered today will not show up until tomorrow. ” [Note: We have not been able to duplicate that issue, so keep an eye open in your copy in case this problem shows up–Michael].

Also, as with the Windows version, Outlook for Mac 2016 will not run with Exchange 2007 or earlier. Lot’s of organizations are still wed to Exchange 2007, so investigate what version your org has before upgrading Outlook.

Their are some hacks to reinstall the Scripts menu (see comment discussion below), but we are not a fan of hacks, and apparently it was removed for security reasons, so you might not want to add it back even if you can hack it back in. That said, some users apparently have no problem seeing the Scripts menu. And we are still not sure what’s going on with the smart folders and couldn’t duplicate the issue. So apparently some users will be okay with Outlook 2016 for Mac and some not okay. Let us know in comments below how it goes with your install and with the MYN settings.

Of course, if you are only using the Mail, People, and Calendar functions on the Mac Outlook application (and not Tasks), feel free to upgrade to Outlook Mac 2016, and then use Toodledo for MYN or 1MTD task management. You can always convert Outlook 2016 emails into Toodledo tasks. In fact, maybe these Outlook 2016 for Mac task issues will give you reasons to consider switching from Outlook tasks to Toodledo tasks.


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18 Responses to Outlook 2016 and MYN/1MTD Support

  1. David says:

    FYI, the latest build of Outlook for Mac 2016 now includes the script menu.

    • Michael Linenberger says:

      That’s interesting, we just updated to the latest public build, version 15.14.2, and still no scripts menu. Are you perhaps using a developer’s build? Michael

      • David says:

        Version 15.14.2 (150923). It is a Volume License edition standalone product – not an Office 365 subscription. Not sure if that makes a difference.

        • Michael Linenberger says:

          Yeah, same exact build. Two questions: 1) did you take any extra efforts to activate the script menu? 2) what version of Mac OS are you running? We’ve heard the script menu being gone is a factor of the newer OS versions. Thanks, Michael.

      • Michael Linenberger says:

        David, that might be it. We’re running an updated Yosemite. We’ll test with El Capitan and see what happens. Thanks, Michael

        • Michael Linenberger says:

          We updated a Mac to El Capitan, and the scripts menu still does not appear in our updated copy of Outlook 2016. But of course we believe it did for you. So clearly this is a hit or miss thing (which to me means it cannot be counted on). So our recommendation to avoid Outlook 2016 for Mac still stands for the general MYN-1MTD user community that want to use Outlook tasks. That said, there are instructions out there on how to add (hack in?) the scripts menu manually, so if someone is strongly committed to doing this, check out this link below where those steps are outlined. We have not tested nor do we support the steps, but we make this link available should a reader want to experiment.

  2. John Deck says:

    Michael, did they make any changes to the Journal? Or do you still have to access via a folder view?


  3. Hey just a quick heads up on a relevant issue with office 2016. It is NOT compatible with Exchange 2007 so if your company hasn’t upgraded it’s mail server in a while, you can not use 2016.

    It is a nightmare that consumed many painful hours with tech support going back to 2013. I don’t recommend making the jump just yet.

    Warm Regards,

  4. Sudeep Surender says:

    Thanks Mr. Linenberger..I have all editionof your books…I just upgraded to Outlook 16 on WIn 10…One omission is the INABILITY to FOLLOWUP to next week or tomorrow…It only has 3 options when you right click on the FLAG (in the Task bar). Any help there?

  5. Michael Linenberger says:

    Sudeep: I use Outlook 2016 on Win 10, and the right click flag menu is the same as before, all options. Screenshot below. No idea what is going on in your install. Michael


    • Sudeep Surender says:

      Thank you for taking the time to answer this Michael. When i right click on the flag i only get 3 options (Flag Message, Mark Complete and Delete Task) . I have used your system on alt least 7 systems since your previous books and never had this issue. Any clues on why just those 3? Thx

      • Michael Linenberger says:

        Sorry Sudeep, no idea. Michael

        • Sudeep Surender says:

          HI Michael,
          I found out this has to do with the IMAP features. Like millions of comcast users, i upgraded to the new “IMAP” synch option instead of the old “POP”. Advantage is that now i can see email on both my phone (in the Comcast email app) and on my computer. With POP, once the email was sucked in my computer i could not see it on my phone.. All was good till i discovered that the IMAP will not allow more than the 3 options i listed to be shown..This is very rustrating as now i need to open each task and change the “Start Date”.

          HEre’s the link. I think many Comcast users are going to be affected..

          • Michael Linenberger says:

            Sudeep, interesting, so the date picker issue is due to IMAP. The other problem with IMAP is that it won’t allow use of Categories on email. Michael

  6. Paul Czopowik says:

    I’ve started to read your book sample from Amazon on setting up the 1MTD but I’m struggling with the Mac version to set up the tasks. It seems like the only thing I can do is to setup custom smart folders and look into each one individually as they don’t display a list, nor is there a way to display them in groups. Do you have any recommendations on how to setup the tasks on a Mac? I use both Win10 and Mac with Office 2016. I may just end up using the OWA (web) version of Outlook when working on a Mac.

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